How can I live with incontinence?

Everybody’s incontinence story is different. For this reason, we’ve developed the following sections that are relevant to certain specific situations. Do you recognise yourself in any of these?

My child wets himself/herself

Daytime wetting and bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) are frequent concerns for parents and their children.

4.2. Im a teen with incontinence

I’m a teen with incontinence

As a teenager, you probably don’t expect to lose control over your bladder or bowel habits. But it is a myth that incontinence only affects certain age groups.

I care for someone with incontinence

The more you understand about incontinence, the more able you will be to offer effective support.


I’m stressed or anxious

If incontinence is making you anxious, it’s not surprising. But remember – it’s actually a common problem and it’s not a disease in itself – it’s a condition. Many treatments are available that can make a real difference to your quality of life.

I’m finding it hard to work

Let’s face it: incontinence can make working a nightmare. The best solution is to get an official diagnosis from a healthcare professional that you can share with your employer.

4.6. it is difficult for me to exercise

It’s difficult for me to exercise

For those with stress incontinence, exercise can trigger a bladder or bowel movement. But as we all know, exercise is a healthy habit that should be included in a balanced lifestyle.

It’s difficult for me to socialise

The thought of leaving the comfort of your home to go somewhere where toilet facilities are not adequate is scary, and can severely limit your movement and sense of ‘personal freedom’.

It’s difficult for me to have sex

Sex is an important part of life for many people. And in truth, no one wants the added worry of leaking when they have sex, whether it is with a new partner, or someone they have been with long-term. You may even find yourself refusing sex or anxiously rushing through it, if you are concerned about what might happen during the act. 

I’m worried about my diet

What you eat or drink have a huge impact on incontinence. There are some general lifestyle habits that you can follow, but you may find it more useful to speak to a healthcare professional such as a family doctor or nutritionist.


I am anxious about the way I smell

If you suffer from incontinence, the fear of putting off a foulsmelling odor is not new to you. Many people struggle with anxiety around bladder leaks – not only because they fear someone may notice that they’ve had an accident, but because it may also cause them to smell bad.

How Chronic Pain Can Affect Your Mental Health

Because the physical impact of chronic pain can be all-consuming, you may be dealing with psychological effects that you aren’t even aware of, but which you should definitely address so you can improve your quality of life.

I have an advanced neurological problem