Muscle Precursor Cell (MPC) Therapy for treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women.

A novel treatment under development that uses the patient’s own muscle precursor cells to
regenerate the damaged urinary sphincter muscle aiming to improve the condition without
the use of implanted synthetic material and surgery with possible associated complications.

Who is it for?

What does it involve?

The MPC Therapy is a novel regenerative approach which aims to improve the symptoms of
stress urinary incontinence without the use of synthetic material.

  • In a first step, a small muscle biopsy is obtained from the calf of the patient.
  • Muscle precursor cells are isolated from the collected material in the laboratory and
    are then multiplied in an incubator.
  • Following rigorous quality testing the product is released and brought to the hospital
    for injection, where it is injected into the sphincter muscle of the patient, with the
    aim of regenerating the muscle and consequently improving symptoms.

How can I find out more?

For more information on the treatment and the phase II clinical trial investigating its safety
and efficacy please watch the following video or visit

Where can I go for treatment?

The safety and efficacy of the MPC Therapy is currently being investigated in a phase II clinical trial at the University Hospital in Zurich. To find out more and check your eligibility for joining the trial please visit